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Test Environment

To perform the data collection process to add to the database you need to have an Access Point and the client device. Ideally the AP should be an internal omni antenna. The AP and client device will need to only have free space path loss (FSPL) between them. The test uses 3 distances: 3m, 6m, and 9m. Not all are required to be performed and entered, the more the better though.

AP Setup

Set your AP up at a height of roughly 1m which is the the top of a table or desk. The client will be at this same height as well.

Configure your Access Point to broadcast your SSID on a fairly clean channel using a transmit power of 25mW.

Why 25mW?

We picked this transmit power because it is consistently available across all channels in all domains.

Client Setup

Turn on your Wireless on the client device and launch your survey application allowing you to see RSSI values. Place the client device on a table 1m above ground at each of the distances you want to test (3m, 6m, and 9m). Select your client from the drop down list or create a new one if it doesn't exist.

Passive Only!

Do not associate to the network. Leave the client as unassociated to ensure no TxBF or other advanced technology is being used.

Missing Device?


Record your RSSI readings in the table below.

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