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Recently Ekahau released an option to provide a "device offset" when creating devices for the Capacity Planner option. This also allows you to view visualizations as that device type with that offset. When the feature was first released immediately people starting asking what the value was for an iPhone or Android device.

Immediately a flashback to WLPC occured where we tried to capture RSSI readings from various devices to prove that there is no consistency in the devices. The readings we saw had vast differences and always will.

Which leads us to RSSI|COMPARED, a site where you can see the vast ranges that devices can read by leveraging the power of crowdsourcing to gather the information. The data presented here is captured by anonymous testers and can be used, at your own discretion, for the device offset. Pick the low, high, average, which ever value you feel provides the viewpoint you are looking for.

While this data is probably most useful for those that use Ekahau it does provide value to everyone else as well. The data will show how inconsistent the devices are and how hard it is to accurately design/show RF coverage relying on only RSSI.

The more data the better! We need YOUR help to constantly add to the device collections and measurements. We thank our 79 social contributors that have created accounts and added data!

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